Day 2: neu.Annotate and Interactive Whiteboard

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The class worked with another fascinating app this morning called neu.Annotate.

20130104-094901.jpgThis app allows students to complete worksheets, type and write answers, highlight, show work, and insert pictures, entirely on the iPads.

20130104-095309.jpgStudents have the capability to show their work directly in their own handwriting, or, if they prefer, they can write their work on whiteboard slates or tables, take a photo of the work, and insert the photo into the “Work Space” allotted. Final answers or further explanations can be added as text by a simple click on the dashboard.



Also during the morning, the class utilized W-SR’s interactive projector/whiteboard systems to work in literacy and language arts. The projector displayed a short paragraph with numerous errors that the class took turns editing with the pen linked to the system. The class also went through an interactive PowerPoint presentation with moveable parts, using the wireless pen to navigate. There were a few small glitches here and there with the wireless pen’s accuracy, but this is to be expected. Overall, the tool was an effective and interactive tool that engaged the students much more than simply editing on an overhead projector or with paper and pens or clicking through a presentation traditionally.

Today’s work was full of more examples of effective utilization of new tech tools to engage and retain interest in the classroom. Essentially, though, what I am noticing most is the seamless integration of these tools and the focus on content and instruction rather than the technology. Students are not distracted by these tools, rather their experience was enriched and their learning reinforced.


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