Day 16: The Final Day – A month well-spent…

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Well, readers, I can’t think of a better way to spend this month than what I’ve just finished. As I sit here wrapping up my final day in Travis Angell’s classroom and thinking about all I’ve learned during my month here at W-SR, I can’t help but get excited about where I’m headed and how this experience has shaped my perspective. As both a current college student and a future educator, I feel like I’ve grown immensely and am definitively more prepared to be an effective 21st Century teacher simply due to the insight I’ve gained through my observations, research, and collaboration with other educators.

So, where am I headed? Well, short-term, back to school. I’m anxious to return to Luther College to continue my coursework and further strengthen my pedagogical knowledge as I prep in both the math and history departments in addition to my education courses. Long-term…to the classroom! Nothing excites me more than the prospect of my own classroom and plugging in to a district to make a difference. What an opportunity.

Where is this blog headed? This site will essentially be ‘dormant’ for a bit now. The blog will remain active and viewable, so please feel free to utilize any links and resources or re-read and share anything you’d like. (You can find links to all the posts from this month on my newly-added sidebar to the right.) But, as my course-load gets hectic back on campus, and I’m not in the classroom daily, I foresee a hiatus from new postings. If, by chance, any of my month’s work is deemed worthy of presentation or local publication, I will shoot out an occasional update to the blog, but this will be tweeted as well, so ‘keep an eye peeled.’ My plan, as of now, is to revitalize the blog in almost exactly a year as I head back for a Junior-Year Practicum experience next January. Preliminarily, I am thinking about spending this experience in a Winona, MN elementary school, but details are not all in place yet. Regardless of the location, I will publicize the return of “The ‘Traditional’ Classroom” around that time as I kick back up with daily writing.

So, where does this leave you? Firstly, I thank you for your devoted readership and support. I could not have dreamed of the outpouring of ideas, support, and interest I have received over the course of this month. But I hope it has become more than simply support of a future educator for you. If I have accomplished my goal this semester, I have left you with some thought provoking content. I hope you have re-thought your own classroom, challenged traditional thinking, more effectively implemented technology, and above all, learned something. In a similar spirit to my first blog, I hope you have now realized, “as an educator learning in this critical ‘transition stage’ in education, the inevitability of a change in educational paradigm necessitating prepared and competent educators ready to handle teaching through technology. I hope you have found this blog helpful and interesting as you followed me through just the beginning of my journey as a student entering the ‘digital jungle’ of the 21st Century classroom. The NEW ‘Traditional’ Classroom.”

This has certainly been “a month well-spent…”



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