A NEW Look— Stay Tuned!!

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Hi, friends! Hopefully you’ve noticed the new look for “The ‘Traditional Classroom!'” I’m pretty excited to have ‘revamped’ a bit of the visual side of things, and hope that you find it an equally effective way to explore my ideas. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the new look, please use the new “Contact Me” tab above. You may have noticed  a few less posts this month…I’ll admit…1st graders have me a little out of my comfort zone. BUT, I have plenty of ideas, anecdotes, and new connections “on the docket,” so PLEASE stay tuned.


Today is my final day in the 1st grade classroom, and I must admit I’m really feeling sappy…these kids have been phenomenal, and contrary to my anticipations a month ago, I will really miss this group. As difficult as it is, I feel the best indicator of my calling to this field of education is how sad I always get on the final days of each classroom placement. This classroom has brought me so much more than simply adorable memories and relationships with 7 year-olds…I have learned so much about diversity, primary-grade education, socio-economic impact on education, and the benefits of a good reading program. All of these will feed in to my reflection on this experience, which is overflowing my mind right now. I can’t wait to synthesize all of this, so keep checking back and follow my Twitter account (@awithed) to stay up to date and weigh in on some new ideas pertaining to 21st Century education.


Thank you for your readership to the “The ‘Traditional Classroom,'” and for your patience with my new experience this month. Truly, nothing prepares us better for flexibility in the classroom than being out of our comfort zones…whether that is pertaining to technology, changes in paradigm, common core curricular changes, or simply a new grade level. THIS is where our greatest learning happens…embrace it!


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