Luther College Education

Why is Luther a great place to learn how to become a teacher?

  • Your professional program of teacher preparation coursework is embedded within a liberal arts education.
  • Your professors will get to know you well, doing whatever it takes to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to succeed in your career path.
  • As one of only five colleges in Iowa that has national accreditation, Luther is highly accountable for its teacher preparation.
  • You have the opportunity to student teach in diverse settings, including schools in other countries and on other continents (see “International Schools Teaching Opportunities”).
  • You spend January of your first year in an area school, observing and assisting in a classroom all day Monday through Thursday, with Fridays spent in seminars on campus.  This early practical experience will help youreflect upon vocational choices.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, or a teacher who works with our students, we welcome your exploration of our teacher preparation program.

Learn more by clicking here!!

Luther ED


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