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Hi, my name is Andrew Withers, and I am an education student at Luther College in Decorah, IA. In the spirit of this video, and its view on the idea that the best ideas surface when we have the means to collaborate and bring ‘hunches’ to fruition with the help of others’ ‘hunches,’ it is my intention to utilize this site to publish my observations throughout my clinical placements, primarily focusing on the impact of technology,¬†as I study to teach in the future. As a student learning in this critical ‘transition stage’ in education, I am realizing each day the inevitability of a change in educational paradigm necessitating prepared and competent educators ready to handle teaching through technology. I hope you find this blog helpful and interesting as you follow me through the rest of my journey as a student entering the ‘digital jungle’ of the 21st Century classroom. The NEW “Traditional Classroom.”


Where Good Ideas Come From

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